Animals and Us

is a Key Stage 1 & 2 education resource provided by the RSPCA and designed to help teachers make learning about animals interactive, engaging and memorable.

About the RSPCA

What is the RSPCA and why does it exist?

RSPCA people

What types of jobs do people do for the RSPCA?

Charities & volunteers

How and why do people volunteer for the RSPCA?

Animal Needs

Find out about how to keep animals healthy and happy.

Animals & the law

How does the law protect animals?

How many?

Love numbers? Our quiz will have you guessing at how big the RSPCA's job really is.

Animals in our school grounds

Explore the school grounds and find out where animals are living all around us.

Who lives where?

Help an animal find their perfect home! Create an advert for a habitat that is fit for either a bird, mouse or frog by choosing the things that make their home just right.

A Day out with the Careless family

Follow the Careless family on their nature walk and try and spot as many dangers to animals as you can!